Josh Mancuso to Lead 2024 Parade

Josh Mancuso, 2024 Grand Marshal

Known by many as “The College Mascot Guy” on social media, Josh Mancuso both delights and infuriates fans across the country with his unique brand of sports humor and shameless nods to dad life.

Josh’s quick-witted video shorts have turned him into a pseudo-internet celebrity (especially with 50-something college football moms), amassing millions of views, shares, and eye-rolls across social media. His unique cast of original characters includes the over-confident “Coach Lance” and beloved Tennessee Vols fan “Randy the Mullet Guy”.

While he maintains his status as an actor and filmmaker, most days Josh is in his East Tennessee basement studio producing viral videos like “Stuff Golfers Say” or asking questions in his videos like, “Why does health insurance cost so much?”

Josh recently took his talents to the live stage, and is currently booking corporate events and comedy shows across the country.