Parade Day Manual

Parade Date: Friday, March 17, 2023
Check-In Time: Between 5PM and 6:20PM (staggered start-your exact time will be sent with final details one week prior)
Check-In Location: Please report to your designated lineup location*
Step-Off Time: 6:55 PM
Step-Off Location: Hall of Fame Blvd. and Howard Baker
Actual Start Time: 7:00 PM
Ending Location: Corner of Gay Street and West Magnolia Ave

*You will receive a lineup number via email before the parade. Parade volunteers will be at the Civic Coliseum Parking Garage located at the corner of Howard Baker and Hall of Fame Blvd. You do NOT need to report to a volunteer unless you have an issue or question. Check-in will be at your designated lineup location.

Limited parking is available in the Knoxville Coliseum Parking Garage “B”, but may not be free because of events taking place at the Knoxville Coliseum or Auditorium. There is no special parking for parade participants. We highly recommend carpooling because of the volume of traffic and limited space. NO PARKING PASSES AVAILABLE.

Please enter the parade line at Hill Avenue and Howard Baker to report to your designated lineup location, which will be indicated in your email. The parade will assemble on Howard Baker next to the Knoxville Civic Coliseum. Lineup is between 5 PM and 6:20 PM. The parade will step off from the staging area at 6:55PM. There may be no admittance into the parade after 6:30PM. Please allow for extra time due to heavy traffic, street closures, and rerouted lanes. Each unit/organization will receive an email prior to the parade date including its unit number and lineup location. Your lineup location is where you should report to check in on the day of the parade. Your location area will be designated with an orange cone and visible number. It is possible that your unit number may change the day of. If this happens, a volunteer will be available at your original lineup location to tell you your new location.
*You do NOT need to report to a volunteer to check in unless you have an issue or question. Your entire group may report directly to your lineup location to check-in. A St. Patrick’s Parade volunteer will be available near your location to check you in. In the event that your location changes, a St. Patrick’s Parade volunteer will direct you to your new location. Buses, cars, vans, etc. that are dropping off participants or equipment must quickly unload and clear the area. ONLY VEHICLES IN THE PARADE ARE ALLOWED IN THE PARADE STAGING AREA. ALL TRANSPORT VEHICLES AND PERSONAL PARTICIPANT VEHICLES MUST PARK IN THE DESIGNATED PARKING AREAS.

The parade units will be staged on westbound Howard Baker, will go west up Church Street, and turn right onto Gay Street, continue past the Bijou Theatre, the Tennessee Theatre, and the Regal Riviera movie theatre toward Summit Hill. You will disband at the designated area near the corner of Gay St and W. Magnolia Ave (volunteers will be there to direct you).

There are NO portable toilets or dressing facilities along the parade route. Portable toilets will be available near the staging area at the coliseum along Howard Baker. Restrooms inside of coliseum will not be accessible this year.


All Release Forms (i.e., Promotional Event/Assumption of Risk, Liability Release, Idemnification Agreement) must be filled out and returned to the Parade Committee the day of the Parade.
***Please present to your designated Parade volunteer prior to the Parade start.

Float Guidelines


  • All parade units must be decorated in a St. Patrick’s Day theme and preferably include lights.
  • Overtly political messages will NOT be permitted in the parade.
  • Floats need to be decorated so that viewing from either side is equally appealing.
  • The parade will NOT be canceled for bad weather. Therefore floats need to be constructed and decorated with materials that will hold up under adverse weather conditions.
  • Pyrotechnics of any kind will NOT be allowed on the floats or in the parade.
  • Sirens, bullhorns, and air horns of any kind are prohibited in the parade.
  • Alcohol is strictly prohibited on or in the parade route.

We require that your TOTAL unit length NOT exceed 50 feet from the front of the vehicle (car, truck, etc. that is towing your unit) to the end of the unit due to limited staging space. If your unit does not meet these specifications or if you bring more than was accepted into the parade (more people, vehicles, etc.), your entire unit may be asked to leave without refund.

  • Wiring devices must be UL approved and in good condition.
  • If portable generators are used, they must be securely mounted on a vehicle.
  • A minimum of 12 inches clearance must separate the generator from combustible material.
  • At least one 4-pound dry chemical or one 10-pound carbon dioxide fire extinguisher must be placed within easy reach of the driver of each unit.
  • All floats/units are subject to safety inspections.

Rules and Restrictions

The throwing of candy, samples, or materials of any kind along the parade route is strictly PROHIBITED. It is preferred that unit members walk along the parade route to hand out items and NOT THROW because of safety concerns. Failure to abide by this rule may result in dismissal from the parade route without a refund.

Participating in the parade in no way releases anyone from observing all laws and regulations. Individuals and organizations are expected to be courteous to parade officials, attendees, and other participants. Please keep in mind this is a family-friendly event. SMOKING is NOT permitted in the parade lineup or at any time during the parade. ALCOHOL is NOT permitted in the parade lineup or at any time during the parade.

Check in is between 5PM. and 6:20PM. If you are not in your assigned location and checked in by 6:30PM, you will NOT be allowed to participate. We cannot make exceptions to this rule.

Drivers of all vehicles in the parade must have a valid driver’s license, proof of insurance, and must be 18 years of age or older.

Music should be complimentary to the unit and not disruptive. Parade officials have the right to control the volume level coming from each float. Due to communication between parade officials, we ask that no music be played after 6PM. until after you step from Howard Baker onto Gay Street. Participating bands are allowed to practice up until 6:30PM, and then they must quit until after turning the corner at this intersection. (If extra practice involving music instruments or sound is required, plan to arrive early to allow your unit enough time to warm up, etc.) Sirens, bullhorns, and air horns of any kind are prohibited in the parade.

Please note that NO horses will be allowed in the parade. All other animals must be placed on a float and may NOT walk on the street. Rabies Vaccination Requirement – State law requires that any and all canines must have a current certification of rabies vaccination. Proof must be provided if requested. There is also a city ordinance that all dogs in a public place must be effectively restrained by chain or leash not exceeding 8 feet in length, and any person having the custody/control of any dog shall have the responsibility for cleaning up any feces of the animal and disposing of such feces in a sanitary manner.